An own winery in Tuscany–alternative investment–wealth people investing in the nice things of life.

I provide advisory and intermediation services in searching a suitable winery and the following  interim management for the day-to-day business with my experienced team.

My large network in Tuscany allows me to be in touch with wineries which are not for sale on the official property market. These wine estates can be purchased as renowned branded companies with an international established clientele.

My clients are international family offices, wealth people, asset managers and men dreaming about
an own winery without having enough time and experience to run it.

We can offer a portfolio with some different opportunities from € 3 to € 60 million or sourcing the right winery of any size and value.

We are not a real estate agency but offer due to the customer needs off-market wineries and  after the deal an interims management.

Bettina Kurz & Frank Höfinger have managed a winery in Tuscany for several years and are well -connected in Tuscany.