Vizru ZEOS is the world’s first zero-code digital transformation platform. Using ZEOS businesses can develop and launch intelligent frameworks and applications at lightning speed without writing a single line of code. Vizru democratizes innovation within enterprises, eliminates IT bottlenecks, and enables business teams to design, build, and launch robust enterprise scale solutions on their own, within weeks.

Vizru's next-gen autonomous applications are AI-embedded systems that employ a network of stateful bots that intelligently hand off tasks, collectively solve complex problems, and evolve through continuous feedback loops. Equipped with a cognitive CX layer and fluid integration hub, ZEOS can think, act, and complete processes autonomously that enables us to deliver tailored superior customer experience across several industry verticals.

VIZRU has successfully developed several enterprise-level "Digital Transformation" frameworks for Banking, Finance, Insurance, Automotive, and Logistics industries across the globe. The technologies we touch include Zero-Code development, Artificial Intelligence (Ai), Machine Learning (ML), Data Science, Predictive Analytics, Deep Learning, Automation, Cloud, and Blockchain.