Telecom Training Institute delivers the highest quality training and education programs and combine a wealth of training experience with extensive telecom knowledge to provide PROFESSIONAL TRAINING that help to enable the highest return on your education investment & enhance your career.

Telecom Training Institute, the first Telecom Training provider in Bangladesh is going to start the training program on IP Telephony for Professionals, non technical person and fresh university graduates to enable them to build up successful carrier in the Telecommunications Industry.

Today's telecommunications technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Modern telecommunications networks are used for transporting voice, data, and image traffic using an abundance of legacy and emerging technologies. Candidates can learn the fundamentals of voice communications and wide area network services by enrolling in the Telecommunications Training Course.

This comprehensive training course teaches about the structures, architectures, standards, components, and design of today's voice and telephony networks. Candidates will also learn about evaluating existing technology options in order to match the need of data and telephony requirements. Candidates will also learn about mature digital transport and access services and emerging data and voice services that incorporate voice over packet technologies such as IP Telephony.
The courses are specifically designed for non-engineers: learn the fundamentals, concepts and underlying ideas and fill the gaps in knowledge to build a successful carrier in Telecom Sector, may it be Entrepreneurs or Professionals.

Mission of Telecom Training Institute is to be Bangladesh's preferred provider of telecommunications training and capability solutions. TTI will play a vital role in enabling clients and organizations to succeed in their challenging and changing environment. The company’s web site at www.telecomtrainingbd.com contains additional information.
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