Vocal has been providing trusted, measured and proven business continuity solutions since 1998.  As the industry leader, Vocal prides itself on an unfailing ability to provide thousands of organisations, both public and private sector, with a resilient, flexible and innovative communications platform.  

An enduring philosophy to create innovative solutions by addressing specific customer needs has been at the heart of this organisation since its beginning.

The new generation of iModus has grown with the needs of customers and continues to lead in the industry.  The web based, multilingual, award winning notification platform is used globally and has proven itself as a resilient platform at the cutting edge of technology.  iModus offers  advanced notifications and acknowledgements capability, both broadcast and sequenced messaging,  live voice, communication groups, voice solutions including crisis lines as well as new incident management and BC plan management capability.

Now, iModus also offers innovative location and lone worker technology, overcoming both privacy and security for users and battery drain objections, faced by other solutions.