Voice Products purchased a Lanier Dealership in 1990 and soon thereafter began an alliance with Dolbey Healthcare Solutions, the leader in software for Dictation &Transcription, Speech Recognition; Coding & ICD–10 Readiness.  Today Voice Products is the largest privately held Recording and Speech Technologies provider in the US.  The formation of Dolbey & Voice Products has provided an unparalleled opportunity in Texas offering the award winning Fusion Suite™ of ICD-10 readiness tools, expert integrations and quality support to help manage increased required documentation by streamlining dictation, transcription (in or outsourced), workflow and documentation for tangible outcomes and revenue cycle.  

Voice Products has full coverage in 8 states and locations throughout the US and is deep rooted in most communities from Kansas to Texas serving hundreds of hospitals and many more clinis’s as well as mission critical applications such as recording for 911 Emergency Call Centers and integrating systems to help law enforcement protect our communities. 911 Recording installations are in rural communities Salina, KS PD, Galveston Island PD; cities OKC & Dallas911 and one of the largest in the country Houston 911and most all in between.

Chris Casto, Vice-President of Dolbey Systems says:  “It is Voice Products integration expertise, client support, professionalism and integrity of its people that has helped us eliminate costs from third parties and shortens timelines, primarily because of the number and quality of field personnel. Customers benefit receiving attention from both companies and Lifetime Evergreen Software – (upgrades are free).  Ask any of their clients about upgrades and ask about one call live access to support 24/7.”  

VPI has received the highest ranking given by Dun & Bradstreet for a corporation, and proudly maintains its status, confirming the assurance of stability and longevity. Team members have an average of 21 years partnering with healthcare providers small and large automating workflow and impacting revenue cycle management with high productivity and ROI configurations. For more information go to Voice Products, Inc or give support a call at 1-800-466-1152.