A London-based non-profit organisation, 1HOUR was founded in 2019 by Mady Korada, a parent, published author, professional and local community volunteer. After teaching coding to a group of eight-year-old students at his son’s school, he saw the impact an hour’s teaching can have on children. Korada then went on to develop an online portal, 1HOUR, which allows volunteers to teach school children in one-hour online sessions, with a focus on STEM subjects.

By matching available volunteers with schools in need and coordinating subjects and lesson plans, 1HOUR makes the entire process stress-free for both schools and volunteers. As classes take place online, volunteers can easily contribute their time from anywhere without having to go through the long and complicated vetting process and DBS checks. 1HOUR has enabled schools to bring in coders from Google and private finance tutors from Goldman Sachs.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, more schools have adopted online lessons as a regular teaching activity and remote volunteering has become more important than ever. Over the past two years, 1HOUR has seen more than 500 volunteer applications and offered more than 30 hours of teaching to nearly 900 children from five schools in the UK.