Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN) is a non-religious, non-political, non-governmental, non-for-profit organization (NGO) which was founded in 2005 by a diverse group drawn from development workers, educationalists, social activists and other professionals. VIN is officially registered under the Society Act with the District Administration Office Kathmandu (Reg No. 147/062/63), and is also affiliated to the Social Welfare Council Nepal (SWC) (Affiliation No. 20910). VIN focuses on community-based projects involving local volunteers backed up by international volunteers.


VIN aims to give people the right tools and knowledge to help themselves. The focus is on helping women and children through special educational programs and community training projects conducted independently and/or in association with like minded organisations. VIN has adopted an integrated community development approach through voluntary services by welcoming overseas and local volunteers.

Specific objectives include:

   * To help make women self-reliant through a number of initiatives including literacy classes; income generation projects; savings and credits groups and raising awareness on health, sanitation and the environment.
   * To support and provide facilities for early childhood development, encouraging a good, basic foundation for young children at the start of their education.
   * Provide a platform for children to participate in non-formal creative activities, as well as developing their life skills and making them aware of their basic rights, through the establishment of Children's Clubs in schools.
   * To help children who have suffered as a result of the conflict to regain access to education.
   * Provide sponsored education to disadvantaged children including orphans, conflict victim children and children from very poor and disadvantaged families.
   * Provide community youths with English language classes; a youth club forum in which to enhance their social and professional skills and with the opportunity to volunteer within their local community.
   * Raise awareness of the need for English language skills and to facilitate the teaching of English within schools, monasteries and nunneries.
   * Help ensure the quality of education being provided, through conducting teacher training workshops, seminars and exchange visits.
   * Provide resources and healthcare professionals to assist the health post, which serves the local community.
   * Raise awareness of the benefits of good sanitation and provide education in personal hygiene.
     Offer support in the establishment of a Community Learning Center (CLC) to provide learning platforms for eliminating illiteracy and for developing the professional capacity of local people.
   * To support orphanages through offering financial assistance for education, food and clothing, and through the placement of volunteers.
   * Introduce international volunteers to the richness of Nepali culture and ensure a safe and memorable stay in a supportive environment.
   * To provide safe affordable and structured voluntary work support for gap year fresh and professionals.

International Volunteer Programs

VIN offers extremely competitive and affordable fees for voluntary work in Nepal and has been mobilizing international and local volunteers in its various programs, helping make a sustainable difference and improve the lives of Nepali people in the most disadvantaged communities.

Community Based Volunteer Placements

Volunteers participating in community based projects will be placed with a host family within the community in which they are working. In addition to receiving food and accommodation, this is also an excellent opportunity for volunteers to immerse themselves in the Nepali community, within a supportive environment, learning about Nepali lifestyle, culture and language and sharing their culture in return.

VIN has a number of volunteering opportunities within the rural community, these include:

   * Women's Empowerment Projects such as women's education; income generation; savings and credits; and health, sanitation and the environment.
   * Child Care Initiatives such as children's clubs; early childhood development; schooling for conflict victims and orphanage support.
   * Youth Development Schemes such as a community youth club to develop life skills and English language classes.
   * Teacher Training and Education, including workshops, seminars and exchange visits.

Monastery and Nunnery Placements

Although VIN's main focus is on development projects within the rural community, VIN also provides volunteer placement opportunities in monasteries and nunneries. This program helps educate young monks and nuns in conversational English, as well as developing their life skills and providing an opportunity to participate in creative activities.