Voting is a very powerful concept. When everyone comes together to discuss and vote on various current issues it is not only educational but has a potential to bring about a sea of change. The idea here is to create an extremely transparent polling and discussion platform which can facilitate democratic thinking. Here are some cool features we offer.

   * Community Building. Everyone can create Polls and anyone can vote in those polls. This is an extremely powerful community building platform and thought provoking for individuals. Each poll also contains a comments board where the users get to voice their thoughts about the issue at hand, before and after voting. The comments board also helps in conveying the sentiments of the community in a very organized fashion and encourages mutual dialogue.

   * Multiple Perspectives of the results. Once a user has a participated in a poll the user gets to see the results of the polls from various perspectives. The user can dissect the poll results based on various parameters like. a. Location. (Zip code, State, Country) b. Gender c. Age groups etc.

   * Time Based Trended Results. One other key component of this website is the ability to show poll results over a period of time. This is what we call as a Trended Poll. For example, a question “How would you rate George W. Bush's Presidency?” is valid over a period of 8 years. The Trended Poll shows how the question was answered during the 8 year period. The results generated for this kind of Poll are unique in that we can show trends over a period of time.

   * Make it Universally Available. This trended information and the ability to dissect the poll results is valuable and useful information but currently available only to large organizations that organize the polls and sell the results to people who can afford to buy it. The regular consumer or participant in the poll doesn't get to see the full picture of actual results of the Poll. Our effort is try to make everything transparent and free. If a user has participated in the poll they will get a chance to look at the results in the same way as the poll creator.

   * Social Networking with a purpose. One of the main goals of VotingCentral is to allow everyone to connect, participate and motivate. The site provides functionality to do exactly the same.