Voulue is about “desirability”, to fulfil your need in fashion that gives you classic lines with a contemporary edge, which sets you apart from what you may find on the High Street. Fashion lines which we display on our store require more than a “designer label”, or “celebrity endorsement”. Our inclusion statement requires a piece to have a significant degree of artistic integrity, excellent design, fit for purpose, and as our name “Voulue” translates, an intensity of “desirability”.

Finding “desirable” fashion requires our buyers to visit thousands of suppliers, and this sometimes means we do have to travel all around the World. Our aim is to find you the best from new and established designers which can offer you clothing which is “above the line” on our assessment card. Our experienced buyers have held interviews with the designers, discussed their thoughts behind their collections, and ensured they are leading the trends rather than following everyone else. They will have brought back samples, constructed “story boards”, so we can offer a collection which is unique to you for every one of our season’s collections in womenswear and childrenswear.

As well as “desirability” our collections must come with “quality”. Delivering “quality” is the hardest thing to do, because we know you want the best, not only in materials but in the service you need. Voulue are not the No1 fashion business in the World, so we have to work harder to deliver a “quality” service. We can only do that with feedback from you. So, from time to time we would like to talk to you about our business... and we do love to talk about it! To Voulue, quality is all about you, and how special we can make you feel about wearing clothes from our collections.

Why do we do it? Well like you, we have found it difficult to source the fashion we like when we go shopping locally. Even some of the familiar household names we have all grown up with, are cutting corners to bring you poor quality fashion. We know that there was a wealth of designers out there that are producing excellent collections, and yet, they can be such a struggle to find. So, Voulue aims to take you to where they can be found. Our collections will offer you a distinctive and pleasant uniqueness to your fashion world.

We are not going to carry thousands of lines, just for you to get lost amongst the clutter, we are going to be selective about all our lines. We are not in the numbers game by bragging that we have thousands of customers, because we only have 1 and that is you. We are here to serve, and to be available to assist you at all times with our superior service.