VueCare Media is the industry leader for delivering digital patient education & marketing tools that create a personalized experience for both patients and eye care providers. Our purpose is to improve patient outcomes, decrease exam chair time, and increase practice revenue. Backed by proven results from case studies and doctor feedback we have developed easy to use, interactive platforms proven to optimize daily workflow, extend patient understanding, and boost patient satisfaction. Our suite of products covers all aspects of your practice – from waiting room, to exam lane, to at home.

Our Solutions Include:

  - Your own digital signage system to educate & entertain patients in the waiting room
  - Fully customized content to create your very own playlist
  - Maximize on each patient's visit by using the Eye Channel as your own advertising platform to promote special offers & announce important information to your patients

Demo: http://vuecaremedia.com/vcm/?page_id=2019#

  - Interactive software for your exam lanes & optical dispensaries that allows you to visually demonstrate conditions, treatment options and products through 3D animations and videos
  - Easy to use system meant to educate patients in 20 seconds or less

Demo: http://vuecaremedia.com/vcm/?page_id=1681

  - An embedded video library for your website
  - Patients are educated from the comfort of their home before or after their appointment

Demo: http://www.mdeyecarecenter.com/vuecaremedia/index.aspx