Why our approach will work for you
Life can be busy, pressured and stressful so the last thing you need is fitness information overload and a knuckle-dragging meathead PT bullying you through your sessions. We’ll treat you like a grown-up. We’ll give you exercise and eating plans that don’t require you to devote your entire life to training.
We’ve focused on fostering an environment where everyone is part of the gym community. We are proud of our welcoming gym culture. When you become a member here you get more than access to a gym. You get a team of experienced personal trainers, bespoke programming, nutritional advice, unlimited coaching and unlimited access to our ultra effective Conditioning Hub sessions. You also get a gym culture that is focused but friendly.
What fitness means to us
Our definition of fitness is simple. It’s the ability to move better and be better equipped to carry out your day-to-day endevours. That’s why we’re not a bodybuilding gym. In fact, we don’t advocate extremes of anything. Instead, we offer functional fitness for regular people and our members are men and women who want to look, move and feel better.
Unlike a lot of other gyms, we’re not dogmatic about the way we train. We believe in drawing on positive elements from a range of methods, our skill lies in selecting and applying the right training tool at the right time. Our programmes are simple but effective and we cater to both beginners and seasoned gym goers. Most people come to us to get healthier, fitter, stronger and leaner and our programmes reflect this.
Join the W10 team
Most people like to meet us before they invest in our memberships. This gives us a chance to understand what you want and gives you the chance to get to know us.  Everybody who joins W10 is assessed for mobility, stability, posture and overall movement. We also use our advanced body composition technology to tell us how much fat, muscle and other tissue you have on your body and these are all regularly monitored as you progress.
This information, combined with knowledge of your training history, your goals, the time you have available to train and any other relevant variables allows us to determine which membership option and training approach will work best for you. All you have to do is contact us and we’ll set up an appointment.