W. A. Building Movers & Contractors was founded in 1970 by Wayne Yarusi, following five generations of family involvement in the construction industry. This experience and longevity has established our company as a top of the line full service building/structural raising, moving and contracting company.
    Throughout the 1970s, 80s and 90s Wayne and company excelled in tackling the most intricate projects from moving entire structures over top other structures to their final destinations to lifting and shoring over 300 unit apartment complexes to relocation of 200 ton 1700’s historic landmarks.
    In the early 2000s Wayne was joined by his sons Jason and Ryan Yarusi. With their combined effort the company has expanded exponentially with Ryan growing the in- field operations teams and Jason spearheading the sales and marketing side of the business. Their involvement made the company well-positioned when Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy stormed throughout the Northeast. W.A. Building Movers has been in the forefront of the extensive workload helping families to get their homes lifted to new elevations to prevent future flooding and reduce insurance premiums. Since 2013, W.A. Building Movers has lifted over 1100 homes and is still going strong to help the recovery process and restore the Jersey Shore.