WARDJet Inc., Tallmadge, Ohio is a specialist manufacturer of abrasive waterjets in the USA. Our focus is on setting business owners’ imaginations  free when it comes to the automation of almost anything. Our goal has been to design and build a CNC gantry that would be recognized as the leading waterjet cutting platform in the industry, yet be sturdy, stable and rigid enough to be considered the most versatile automation platform ever available to consumers.
Tapping Tool, Drill, Cutting Head, and Height Sensor all mounted onto a single WARDJet water jet z-carriage

Engineered to achieve these goals and more, a WARDJet system is “not just a waterjet”. Using our X-Series Controller for example, if you want to mark the names of each part, then use the waterjet to cut a hole, then ream and tap a thread in the same hole, automatically wash and dry and rotate the part, have a silicone gun run a perfect bead of sealant the exact shape you want in 3D, then attach another mating part by hand, all without taking the part off the table, you may want to consider a waterjet system by WARDJet.

“We want our customers to daydream about automating their processes, we are simply making it possible”
--Richard Ward, Owner and President of WARDJet