I have been very fortunate to work in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, giving me an opportunity to develop best business practices with the unique requirements and perspectives of public charities.  I’ve served in many capacities within each of these sectors, from raising funds to senior executive management. As a result, I have both operational and development experience. My style of management is collaborative, drawing on the insights and talents of my co-workers, while driving the organization to its next level.

•     Tom Wathen Center (2010-2013).
Most recently, I have served as President and CEO of the Tom Wathen Center, a public charity organized to provide education and employable skills for challenged youth through love of flying and aircraft maintenance. I employed my financial, management, marketing, operational and fund development skills to stabilize the organization and develop a long range business plan that will help to ensure its growth and achieve its mission. Upon conclusion of this three year commitment, I am currently volunteering my time for several additional months to allow the organization to more smoothly transition into its next phase of operations.

•     Sawin Consulting (1996- 2009)
Prior to my last assignment for 15 years I was the CEO for my own consulting firm and was blessed with several clients in many areas of charity work. Many of the assignments allowed me to be a key management person in addition to fund development duties. In the case of the Motion Picture & Television Fund Foundation, my tenure continued for over 12 years because of proven results. I also had over 5 year relationships with Catholic Big Brothers of LA, El Arca Disabled Services, and Orange County ARC for the Disabled.

•     The Archdiocese of Los Angeles (1992 - 1995)
During this period, I worked directly for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, under direct reporting to Archbishop/Cardinal Mahoney. I helped change the course of the 26 parishes that were under great subsidy to being able to sustain them. I also was responsible for getting a $20 million outright gift of a mid-Wilshire building that became the Headquarters with revenue generated by tenants to the Archdiocese to offset chancery expenses.

•     Business Experience (1965- 1991)
On the for profit side of my experience and skills, I was involved with several financial firms and investment firms and raised significant funds for those organizations. I started my career with United California Bank and became the youngest Operations Officer of the firm. I then was nominated to become an employee of Merrill Lynch and went into the 1 year training program in New York. I was able to be involved with major acquisitions of several asset management firms and began to hone my investment management skills. This opportunity allowed me to move into the major investment side of the business by working with several Merrill offices to develop this business.

Following my work at Merrill Lynch, I became a Senior Vice President of Sutro Capital Management Company where I worked in business development to raise investment assets from individual and corporate clients. From 1987-1990 I managed the Western Airlines Pilots Pension Plan valued at $700 million. I terminated and distributed this plan for over 1200 Pilots and set them up with individual secured rollover plans.

From 1976 to 1981, I was appointed President of Lexington Capital Group Philanthropic Division. I worked with over 17 Regional Vice Presidents during which time my team raised over $500 million in two years.