WCRx Health is a Prevention Care Clinic & Pharmacy that specializes in Chronic Diseases, Diabetes, Wellness and Wound Care located in Tallahassee Florida.

WCRx Health utilizes a 360 care service insures HEDIS (The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) which is a tool used by health plans to measure performance on important dimensions of care and service, Medication management, Chronic Care and many other ancillary services helps keep the patient within network and continue healthy living culture changes that are measurable and monitored digitally. This unique and measured process ensures the patients’ medical errors are drastically reduced and ER visits are cut by more than 77% or more for this vulnerable population.

WCRx Health takes care to The Next Level by Providing Additional Services:
- RPM services - Remote Patient Monitoring
- CGM systems - Continuous Glucose Monitoring  
- Wound Care services - Chronic Wound Care

Most Health Plans accepted