W.E. Griffith & Associates, LLC provides comprehensive fee-based wealth management and financial planning services to individuals, families, professionals, business owners and retirees.  We utilize a team approach to provide accurate, objective, strategic and timely advice in analyzing and planning a client's investment portfolio, estate plan, cash flow and retirement plan. Through our experience in working with high net-worth individuals and families, we've developed a clear understanding of their lifestyles and concerns, as well as what it takes to meet their specialized needs and objectives.    

Our Purpose is to help build, manage and preserve your wealth. Most financial advisors are capable of helping you save and invest for retirement.  However, few possess the specialized knowledge and expertise required to help you harvest the wealth you have accumulated.

W.E. Griffith & Associates, LLC is known for having expertise in Retirement Income and Distribution Planning.  We can help you organize your financial affairs in a manner that minimizes income and estate taxes, ensuring your long-term financial security and independence, increasing the magnitude and longevity of your family's wealth. Our specialized tax saving, wealth-building strategies save clients from many thousands to millions of dollars and create millions of dollars in multigenerational wealth.  We are known for our ability to identify and correct common, critical mistakes and oversights that can have extremely adverse financial consequences for you and your beneficiaries and ruin your plans for retirement and the distribution of your wealth.