WELBRO Constructors was founded by Butch von Weller & Gary Brown (Wel + Bro = WELBRO), in 1979 as a firm that would provide personalized services to meet the needs of the construction industry. Too many companies were claiming “quality service to clients” in their marketing brochures, but few were successfully achieving this declaration. In turn, clients began searching elsewhere for construction firms that would not only listen to their special needs, but would actually try to meet those needs.

The successor company, WELBRO Building Corporation continues this tradition, and is a dominant force in the hotel/hospitality and education markets. We’ve constructed tens of thousands of hospitality rooms across Florida and the Southeast, and WELBRO’s Educational Focus Group constructs K-12 and higher educational facilities and residence halls. Additional project experience includes office buildings, retail & commercial, sports & wellness, and various special-use facilities.

WELBRO Building Corporation is a well-managed and financially stable company that is able to deliver on its commitments. WELBRO enjoys a solid surety relationship with Travelers Insurance, an A XV-rated company, who extends surety to WELBRO in an amount well in excess of $300 million.

WELBRO’s founding philosophy of establishing productive client relationships in the early phases of each project, coupled with team performance, continues to develop many occasions for repeated success with the same owners.