WE-EDUCATE our community of women with strategic programming  and technical support for Women Owned Small Businesses. We provide a calendar of training classes, business workshops and events that focus on a range of business topics and mobile technology.   WE-TRAIN - The overall goal is to provide the skills and knowledge to successfully identify and compete for prime and subcontracting opportunities with the federal government or in the private sector.  The WE-MENTOR  matches clients to experienced industry leaders, seasoned entrepreneurs and supplier diversity professionals. WEOP leverages the efficient use of technology to widen our impact and reach a global audience of women. The Women2contract online membership portal was launched as an online destination of resources and information for aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, consultants and independent contractors seeking business and contract opportunities.    WEOP’s “Women Go Mobile” training was another important initiative designed as a platform to train and educate women to integrate mobile applications and technology to accelerate their business growth and increase productivity.