Company Overview
WIH Resource Group (WIH) is based in Phoenix, Arizona and provides its expertise to our clients in both the public and private sectors throughout North America. WIH and its affiliates also specialize in financial and operational analysis of integrated solid waste management. At WIH Resource Group, one of our primary missions is to serve the solid waste and recycling needs of local governmental agencies, municipalities and private sector clients. The combined team of experts at WIH Resource Group are uniquely qualified to assist you with consulting services.

National Leader in Solid Waste Consulting: The WIH Resource Group Team offers unique qualifications and experience needed to provide the full range of consulting, technical research and development services required to successfully complete integrated solid waste and recycling projects.  The WIH Resource Group team has worked with hundreds of municipalities, multiple jurisdictional solid waste authorities and private sector clients across the Western United States to evaluate, plan, improve financials and operations, assess and improve their regulatory compliance and management throughout their individual organizations.

Knowledge of Local and National Solid Waste Systems, Trends, Regulations and Economics:  The WIH Resource Group Team have established a track record of providing solid waste consulting services to numerous public and private sector clients. Key members of our Team have completed hundreds of solid waste and recycling projects throughout the United States.  

Solid Waste and Recycling Cost of Services:  As part of the WIH Resource Group team, our CPAs have developed and provide a tool known as the “Model Rate Program” that lists the major procedures and steps that typically are performed in a rate setting or cost of service analysis.  

Program Development and Implementation: Working with cities on program planning and implementation is a primary service of the WIH Resource Group team.  We have experience in solid waste and recycling program planning, development and implementation.  

Waste Reduction / Diversion and Disposal Options: Members of the WIH Resource Group Team have performed and led large scale projects that focused waste reduction including identifying additional recyclables that can be collected, processed and marketed; improvements to recycling collection or processing operations.

WIH Resource Group and our diversified team of industry experts are commited to continue to provide our diverse client base with information and sustainable solutions that assist them in reaching their client-specific goals and various initiatives.


Real World Industry Experience
The WIH Resource Group team has over forty years of combined management and project experience in developing solutions to challenges in environmental, solid waste & bio-solids management, transportation and logistics.  Prior to joining WIH Resource Group, several members of our team spent over forty years (combined) with some of the largest Fortune 500 solid waste companies and the largest provider of solid waste management services in North America, in various senior-level key management positions throughout the United States.

Our experience includes the oversight of operations, maintenance, finance, human resources, business development, sales, safety and environmental compliance while maintaining responsibility for multi-million dollar publicly and privately held assets including: a variety of collection operations, Sub-title D and hazardous and Class II landfills, transfer stations, intermodal facilities, recycling centers, buyback centers, material recovery facilities, vehicle and container maintenance operations, call centers and payment processing operations.

We look forward to serving you and assisting you in reaching your goals.

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