WINDFEST's mission is to create a fun & welcoming event for wind and water sports enthusiasts while showcasing the extraordinary location of La Ventana.  Founded in 2015 by kiteracer Xantos Villegas, the purpose is to benefit the local economy as well as make kiteboarding more accessible for the next generation.

Activities include downwinders, racing, slalom, freestyle tricks, big air competitions for prizes, all while benefiting the local economy and encouraging the next generation of champions. The event closes with the largest after-party in La Ventana, where awards are given, raffles drawn, and dancing begins to the hottest upcoming bands and DJs from La Paz.

Dates: 20, 21, 22, and 23 of January 2016
Times:  11:00 am to 7:00 pm all days
Event Location: Beach at the end of Calle Gilberto Aviles Aviles
Downwinder: 20 Jan; Earliest possible start at 12:00pm at Hot Springs Beach, land downwind at the Event Site.
Registration:  Not open yet. We will post updates.

We listened to your feedback and expanded the event to four days and added a Freestyle competition to the lineup. Get ready to have some fun together in our wonderful community!

Activities for WINDFEST 2016:

* Massive Downwinder - starts 5-miles upwind and ends at the event site. Windsurfers, kiteboarders: twintip, surfboard, 70 cm formula board, hydrofoil.

* Big Air - participants attempt the highest and longest hang times.  Kiteboarders: twintip, surfboards.

* Freestyle - Complex tricks.  Kiteboarders: twintip.

* Slalom - Short races around buoys.  Windsurfers, kiteboarders: twintip, surfboards.

* Course Racing - Upwind/ downwind races. Kiteboarders on hydrofoils and 70cm raceboards.

* Stand Up Paddle relay races and games.

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