The main Principle Roy Whitehouse with his United Kingdom Police Service has been involved in the investigation industry since 1974. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner, a Certified International Investigator (CII) and is a member of many international professional bodies.

He is also a board director of the British Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and is presently the 1st Vice president of the CII. He is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars and writes a number of articles related to his industry.

WIS International offers investigation, research and intelligence services.  They have been established in Portugal for over 17 years with offices in Portugal and the UK.  They undertake various investigations into all manner of subjects throughout the world.  

They have agents throughout Portugal, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and other countries.  Being a member of many professional organisations enables them to carry out assignments throughout the EU and the rest of the world using trusted associates.  

Being Certified Fraud Examiners allows them to undertake in depth and complicated fraud and theft investigations within clients orgainisations and into outside fraudsters.
They also provide credit risk information and in-depth due diligence investigations into companies and people throughout the world. Delivering the facts to the decision makers. They operate a number of online information services like. www.datacheckportugal.com www.data-check.info www.autocheck-portugal.com

These sites offer quick and inexpensive information to people requiring an quick answer to a problem or question.

The company also have a International Debt Collection division at www.debt-collections-portugal.com Through there partnership with Global Credit Solutions and their membership with the Credit Services Associaton they can offer collections throughout the world.