With the cost of healthcare and wait times for surgery increasing at an alarming rate in the US, many people are looking elsewhere to find a solution to their medical needs. WISE Rice LLC leads a team of consultants that offer patients the assistance they require in obtaining affordable healthcare that is otherwise unavailable to them. They are affiliated with the World Institute of Surgical Excellence (WISE), the largest medical tourism company in the world.

Each year thousands of people find themselves in need of medical procedures that are either not covered by their insurance, are covered but the patient responsibility portion of the procedure is prohibitively high, or the procedures are not available in the US at this time. Medical tourism is the answer. WISE provides every patient first class service from the moment of first contact, through connecting the patient with a highly qualified, world renowned physician in a JCI accredited hospital, arranging all aspects of travel and accommodations necessary, and ensuring proper pre and post procedure care. This high quality care is available at a fraction of the cost of the comparable care in the US, up to 70% less.

Healthcare is becoming a global enterprise and WISE is at the forefront. After literally searching the world over for the best place to send our patients, we chose to work with Costa Rica. Costa Rica's healthcare is already on a par with the US, according to the World Health Organization. Costa Rica is building their entire economy around medical tourism. Costa Rica is only a short flight from much of the US. And, according to NASA, Costa Rica has the best, most healthy climate in the world.

WISE only works with hospitals accredited by JCI. Our physicians are very highly trained. Our facilities are associated with such highly regarded US facilities as Johns Hopkins, Tulane University and Baylor University. And every person involved in the patient's care is English speaking.

WISE has many surgical and non-surgical specialties that they make available to US patients, from bariatrics to cosmetic surgery, dental, general surgery, gynecology (including IVF), ophthalmology, and orthopedics to name a few. No matter the procedure you are wanting or needing to have performed, WISE Rice can put your worries to rest and handle all of the details to make certain your procedure, and your trip, goes flawlessly.

Medical care is a highly individualized, personal matter. WISE Rice is uniquely positioned to help patients get the medical procedures they need and desire so that they may get on with their lives and focus on being healthy and happy.