Women in the Arts Miami, (WITAM) is dedicated to honoring and recognizing the wealth of talent in South Florida Entertainment Industry.


To acknowledge the  talent, artistic abilities and expressions, and bring recognition to the extraordinary achievement by artists of all ages, genders and nationalities in every aspect of public expression.


Since 2009, the Women and Men in the Arts Annual Awards recognizes South Florida’s leading women and men in fashion, film, beauty and the arts for extraordinary accomplishments and excellence in their craft, as well as the contributors, organizations and individuals who have enriched South Florida’s arts community.  

“At WITAM, we are proud and honored to acknowledge the work of talented people in the Spanish and American markets,” said Diana Laura, Founder of Women in the Arts. “South Florida is brimming with talent in all aspects of the Arts community and in this highly competitive industry, there is space for all of us to shine at the same time.”    

Past Award Winners include: Kimberly Shenker- Bacardi, William Kennedy, Bill Malelish, William Chacon,  Maritza Bedoya, Adriana de Moura (Real Housewives of Miami), Alexia Echevarria (Real Housewives of Miami), Lynn Martinez (Deco Drive), Mercedes Soler (CNN NotiMujer), Natalia de la Cruz (Power 96),  Karen Greer Talent, Zamora Swimwear and Ocean Drive Magazine.