Wendy Bartlett is the author of two novels: Broad Reach, published in 2008, and Cellini's Revenge, published in 2009.

Broad Reach is about an American woman, 43, who joins an Englishman, 49, to sail around the world. Be careful when you go to sea with a gentleman: he may develop horns, a pitchfork and a tail! A psychological thriller, but cozy.

Cellini's Revenge is brain candy. It is about an American woman who was convicted of her husband's murder in 1956 and spends 12 years in Holloway Prison for it. In 1995, she discovers DNA on television, and goes back to England to find the murderer, but uses her own amazing deductions to find the person. The twelve silver cups made by Benvenuto Cellini are a story in themselves from their theft in 1527 to their discovery in 1995. This is a story of injustice, greed, lost love, and a great yarn over the centuries.