William Levine established WL Concepts & Production in 2000. Most of his prior 25 years of experience in signage, graphic displays, and product branding was as a VP of a large graphics display firm. After the previous affiliation & demise of his former company, Mr. Levine was introduced to a NY State program, Self Employment Program (SEP) rather then filing directly for unemployment. This program provided the opportunity for guidance in developing a business plan. As a Naval Veteran he was invited to meet with the Veterans Outreach Program which provided a mentor & advisor as well as the ability to work with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC).  

WL Concepts grew both in size and sales very quickly through the tenacity, long hours, hard work and a strong determination of its founder, Bill Levine.   WL Concepts has been the recipient of various honors & awards.  Bill Levine made it his business to establish a team that would meet and exceed the needs of both customers and vendors while enhancing the company’s reputation and building the business. His hard work has paid off. The customer service team has achieved a wonderful reputation over the years and has even earned nearly a 100% satisfaction rating through a survey conducted by Dunn & Bradstreet based upon open ratings for 2004. Factors playing a role in this survey included reliability, cost, quality, personnel, customer support, timeliness, order accuracy, business relationships and responsiveness. WL Concepts earned a GSA contract award in December of 2004 for signage and graphics.

We have developed an award winning customer service team. We have a wonderfully talented engineering and mechanical staff who determine how to design and produce projects. Our graphics and art department take each and every concept presented them and actual bring them into focus and fruition. The marketing, sales and customer service team all work together to establish, set and achieve company goals which they continuously reach. An excellent team of installers is always available to handle customer requests for installations whether locally or around the US.

WL Concepts has become a leader in creating innovative, visual and three-dimensional displays, graphics and signage. Under Bill Levine’s leadership, the company has ignited a revolution in on-site branding, creating new display possibilities, and elevating the range of materials and imagery available to today’s market leaders. When the world’s most successful marketers are seeking a high impact presentation of their brand, they rely on the work and innovation provided by Bill Levine and WL Concepts to develop stunningly crafted design elements.

In looking through the eyes of Bill Levine, it has become a major impact with our company to ensure that all of our work will bring to life ideas of our clients, create concepts of unparalleled proportion, and make it our business to have client’s brands amplifying messages with a bold, dynamic, physical presence. During our past 10 years in business, the company has experienced extraordinary growth as a result of its highly visible and inspiring display designs for merchandisers, financial institution, retail establishments, educational institutions, architects, design firms and trade and cultural exhibits.

Our growth for the next decade will begin with a new piece of equipment, a laser capable of cutting, etching and engraving full sized sheets of material at extraordinarily high speeds. Every sign shop can have a laser, but few have a laser with the capabilities of this machine.  It can take an intricate design and engrave to the smallest little detail. Check out our press release and our blog to see photos of a wood engraving, corian, etched stone along with many materials this Laser can cut, etch or engrave.  

The company’s work through its principal and staff brings to life ideas, concepts, and brands amplifying messages with bold, dynamic, and physical presence. The extraordinary company growth is as a result of the highly visible and inspiring designs for merchandisers, financial institutions, retailers, and others. WL Concepts work can be found in a variety of environments.

WL Concepts has an impeccable credit rating & financial status. We insure that only the highest standards in quality & timely delivery of materials & services are obtained & delivered. It is part of our motto to keep our vendors happy and satisfied while working with us.

WL Concepts, its vendors and partners bring only the highest standards and ethics to its many business opportunities and accounts. Most are veteran, minority, & women owned businesses. Together each helps us bring quality, fresh ideas, fair priced designs, displays, graphics and signage to meet the needs of the marketplace.

Our customer base reads like a who’s who in the industry.