Weinacker's Montessori School is Mobile, Alabama's first preschool using the Montessori philosophy of teaching. We have six locations throughout the Mobile and Baldwin County area.  

At Weinacker’s Montessori School:  

We understand that children learn best through the use of their five senses. Materials are specially designed to develop and refine the five senses. Children can touch, see, hear, smell and even taste what they are learning about.

We learn about real things in our classroom. Practical Life activities help children gain independence and learn organizational skills while developing their coordination and concentration. Children prepare for and experience life!

Children have freedom to move and explore, learning through hands-on experience. Our classrooms are organized to create a calm, engaging environment.

Lessons are presented in a specific order from simplest to most complex. Math concepts are present as concrete, hands-on activities, which lead to an understudying of more abstract concepts.

Learning is individualized, with each child working at his/her own pace. We allow children to choose their own work, respecting that they know what they are most ready to learn and experience (Montessori’s Sensitive Periods for learning).

We use an integrated language approach in our classrooms. Reading and Writing are taught initially through Montessori’s phonetic approach, and are then used in all aspects of the classroom environment.

We offer a positive, hands-on learning experience. Materials are designed so that children can experience success without failure. The goal is a well-adjusted child who has a genuine love of learning!

Children learn from experienced and well-trained teachers. The teacher’s role is to connect the child to the environment while allowing the child to learn through using the materials.

Infant/Toddler classrooms are attractive and inviting. The teacher’s role in the infant/toddler environment is to help foster the child’s independence while allowing him to explore and learn.

School is fun! Children Learn while playing and play while learning. Music and Art are part of the Montessori curriculum, too. All of which helps Children develop a lifelong love of learning!