Mission Statement

To do right and to recognize and acknowledge through our actions that our customer is the most important person in our business; not dependent on us, rather we are dependent upon them; not an interruption of our work, rather they are the purpose of it; doing us a favor by letting us serve them; a part of our business; not a cold statistic.. they are flesh and blood human beings with feelings and emotions; not someone to argue with or match wits with, rather customers bring us their wants, it is our job to handle them profitably.

Here are some of our Philosophies:  

It's our goal that you love the vehicle you buy.  It is also our goal that you love the payment and pay it off sooner rather than later. At the new Woody's Automotive Group in Chillicothe, we want you to have a car  you love, that fits your budget and have equity with it the entire time you own it. Wow!

Grandpa taught us how to do business, keep it fun, come see for yourself!  Wow!

Our prices are some of the lowest in the nation, so we don't have to be apologetic or concerned that you will find a better deal.  In fact we'll be happy for you if you find a better deal.  If you find something you feel is a great deal we'll even help you with the research and run a Carfax for you to confirm its history, safety and reliability!  Wow!

There won't be any games played!  If you want a price just ask and you won't have to ask twice.  We won't keep you for hours while we are in a back room trying to figure out what our price is!  And we won't apologize for the price because they are among the best in the nation.  You'll get our best price, a trade value, a difference and if you want a payment that too!  Wow!

At the New Woody's Automotive Group, we won't raise the price of our car just to show you a high price on your trade.  You deserve to be treated like you're smarter than that!  No, you'll get our best price on our car, a realistic price on yours and a trade difference.  Because of our access to cars from Kline Corporation, our prices are now among the lowest in the Nation.  Plus, we will give you a price on the lot if you want, even if your spouse isn't there, WOW.  If you want us to finance the car we can do that too, the price will stay the same.  At the New Woody's Automotive Group, you won't find games, rather people, who want what is best for you.  Wow!

I am totally committed to customer satisfaction.  If you ever feel you have been treated in an unsatisfactory way call me, here is my cell phone (660) 247-5462. On the other hand, if you are like most of our customers and have recently been wowed by the new Woody's Automotive Group, give me a call (660) 247-5462 and let me know that too. Brent Kline, owner, Wow!

We will give you all the details in a fast friendly manner.  You can decide to buy or go home.  Either way is great with us, we'll be here when you decide.  Wow!

Prices are posted on the internet.  Study our inventory from home, fill out a credit application  in your pajamas.  We won't peek!  Wow!

At the New Woody's Automotive Group in Chillicothe, we don't have salesmen.  We have advisors  who are paid a salary to help you get the exact car that is best for you.  The goal of a Woody's advisor  is to make your car shopping experience FUN, simple, efficient, and productive.  What's more, they will give you our best price up front and arrange financing that will keep you right side up!  How fairly a customer is treated should not depend on negotiating skills! Wow! I didn't have to hire a big ad agency to make up hyped up new ads or a fancy marketing company to figure out how we needed to do business because it is really quite simple wowing a customer!  Treat our customers the way we would want to be treated.  We want the chance to wow you!  In fact, we won't have to do much advertising at all, our customers are doing it for us!  Wow!

We will give you a price on the lot if you want even if your spouse isn't there. If you want us to finance  the car we can do that too.  You want to trade, the price will stay the same.  Wow!

Our sales professionals won't have foot races across the lot to hunt you down.  In fact, if you want a consultant, most of the time you will find one ready, willing and able to assist you with your vehicle needs right in our showroom!  Wow!

It's OK if you just want to think about it overnight.  Yes, we want to sell you a vehicle but it's OK if you want to buy tomorrow or next week and not today!  Wow!

Are you a Sunday after dinner or night time car shopper, because that's the only time you can visit a dealer's car lot and avoid dealing with a car salesman?  You know, the kind that makes your hands sweaty and your eye twitch?  With our friendly professional sales staff it's kind of like talking to a neighbor or friend and we like it that way!  Wow!

Through our leasing partners we are able to facilitate a lease of any brand of new or used vehicle!  Wow!