World UFO Group
The World UFO Group (WUFOG) was started on November 7th, 2011. In just two years it's grown into one of the largest online UFO communities, now with more than 10,000 members worldwide on six continents.

Our mission and goal for WUFOG is to avoid speculation as much as possible about the UFO phenomenon, instead providing factual and helpful information. We envision a future in which UFOs go beyond speculation, to become a part of daily life.

The three components to this group are Meetup for meetings and files, Facebook for news and updates, and Twitter for immediate access to round-the-clock news feed and sighting reports from other UFO-related sources. (Meetup.com/worldufogroup); (www.facebook.com/#!/groups/242073659172278); (twitter.com/#!/Worldufogroup [@Worldufogroup]).

In collaboration with the World UFO Day Organization (Netherlands)  World UFO Day,  is celebrated every year on July 2nd and is meant to raise awareness of the UFO phenomenon, acknowledge its reality as a worldwide occurrence, and encourage our governments to do the same by official disclosure. It's also hoped that scores of people around the world watching the skies on that day and night, and equipped with as much video or photographic equipment as possible, will capture visual evidence.
About the World UFO Team

PABLO  C DRAKE -- Co-founder & Organizer, World UFO Group; Co-founder & Brand Ambassador, World UFO Day. Cryptox@worldufogroup.org https://www.facebook.com/cryptoxian Web designer and college student. Lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

MICHELLE WONG -- Co-founder & Co-organizer, World UFO Group; Co-founder, World UFO Day. Former employee, World Health Organization; Part-time model. Born in 1987, died Feb. 2012 in a car accident in her home town of Terre Haute, Indiana.

ALLEN BENZ -- Lead Organizer, World UFO Group 7739 E. Broadway #319, Tucson, AZ 85710 505-634-9836  Benz@worldufogroup.org  UFO researcher since 1967. Former Field Investigator & Staff Librarian, Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO). Former MUFON Field Inv. & Research Specialist, Pres. Emeritus, Foundation for UFO Research.
B.A. Univ of San Diego, 1967 - MLS - Univ of Missouri, 1971. Lead Organizer WUFOG - January, 2012 - present

KYLE DAYTON -- Assistant Organizer for Media and Public Relations, World UFO Group.  Cave Creek, AZ  520-280-1205 (cell)  Kyle@worldufogroup.org  UFO researcher and witness. Freelance botanical researcher and published author. Former co-host and host of public access television shows The Cutting Edge and Cosmic Chronicles, respectively (both retired). Southwest Reporter for the radio program Behind the Paranormal with Paul and Ben Eno.

GRANT HAYGOOD -- Assistant Organizer, World UFO Group. Grant@worldufogroup.org College student - Business & Hospitality Management. Lives in Gunnison, Colorado.

JAMES IANDOLI --  World UFO Group. James@worldufogroup.org College student. Lives in Westchester, New York.

BRITTNEY BACK -- Assistant Organizer, World UFO Group. Jenkins, Kentucky v_carpexnoctemximmortalxsoul_v@yahoo.com