WOW Factors India private limited is an Indian subsidiary of WOW Factors-South Africa and is having a team of professionals, who after many years in the corporate environment saw the need for business development training particularly in the small business sector and decided to pursue this passionately as a career and a business. Today, we focus on all business sectors, small and large.

The name WOW Factors was born and derived from what we like to call the “WOW Experience” that every business desires to have. It starts with “Personal Satisfaction” and “Customer Service”. We all speak about it, we print it on signs, in advertisements and brochures, but do we do it completely? How often do we stop and think of the profound implications of these words. So, often customers do not buy products and services as much as they buy expectations. And you usually have only one opportunity to “WOW” a customer, thereafter it becomes an expectation.

WOW Factors India Private Limited is a complete authority in India for applying the whole brain thinking using NBI Instruments in India. We conduct trainings for various professions dealing with multiple dimensions. The organization is involved with various training activities and has conducted several training programs and addressed more than 45,000 individuals in a gathering of 40 to 2000 people. The major clients in corporate sector are NSIC, ONGC, IFFCO, PNB, NIESBUD, HIL, TGELF, NIBSCOM, AXIX Bank, EATONS, INSSAN, AEPC etc. The organization is equally active in the schools and colleges such as Sanskriti, DPS, DAV, Sadhu Vaswani, Manav Rachna, Father Agnel, Cambridge School, Indian School, St. Zaviour’s, Gurukul, Sunderdeep, BIMTEC, COER, DTU, MIT and many more.