Web Promotion Partners consists of a team of Internet sales and marketing professionals in the United States and Canada. Web Promotion Partners specializes in providing small and medium-sized businesses with the most cost-effective Internet marketing tools and techniques available to harness the power of search advertising.
We understand that very few business owners/managers have the time to learn the ever-changing landscape of Local Online Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising and other techniques and resources to market your business on the Internet. However, we also realize that outsourcing your Internet marketing only makes sense if you can generate a satisfactory return on investment. That’s why WPP has chosen to focus on performance-based, search engine advertising methods that we guarantee.
One of WPP’s greatest resources is our Internet marketing expert who spearheads our implementation team and keeps us on the cutting edge of search engine technology. In 1993, he started one of the first Internet marketing and Web design companies in South Florida. He wrote a couple of books on Internet marketing in the mid-1990s and, in 1997, founded one of the very first companies focused solely on Internet marketing.  
In addition to providing Internet marketing services, his company created a monthly e-newsletter on the latest trends in website promotion and marketing that grew to be one of the largest of its kind, with over 200,000 subscribers.
Over the years, he has spoken at many online marketing conferences and conducted dozens of seminars on Internet marketing.  For over a dozen years he has seen and adapted to the rapid changes of the Internet marketing landscape and now oversees all aspects of the company with a key focus on working with our consultants to generate positive results for our clients.