Our company has had it's roots down over 15 years ago in offering services in  greater China where we started in the IT and Quality Control arenas.  Since then we have been continually helping foreigners in their business, travel and success in China. We have since grown into a mature, reputable and well-resourced enterprise.

We have always focused on customer satisfaction and not worried about growth and profits. This has led us to have a strong customer base of satisfied and successful businessmen. We focus on integrity, honesty and proficiency. We have never been involved in sourcing or selling so we are safer in that we will have no ulterior motives, conflicts of interests etc... In fact we have never had a single complaint regarding our integrity in providing services.

As we look to the future we will focus on continuing these services and as the influx of Westerners come in to China we have recently started and will continue to develop our services so as to offer capable Western employees, temproary workers and assistants to foreign companies doing business in China.