World Record Advertising has begun!

Join us as we attempt to break the world record for the largest advertisement on a building. Corporations, businesses, website owners, etc. can purchase ad space on WorldRecordAdvertising.com, submit an image and it will go live on our homepage. From there, the homepage will be used as a template to create a billboard, all in an attempt to break the aforementioned world record.

Each 50x50 pixel ad block (2,500 pixels) costs $500.00. Advertisers can purchase as many ad blocks as they would like to create their desired advertisement. The purchase not only goes toward your logo/website/business image & name on WorldRecordAdvertising.com, but your banner will also be placed on our billboard. All advertisers can be sure that their logo will be enormous in real life when the billboard is created.

Anyone and Everyone is invited to join in the effort to break this world record, and all while increasing traffic and awareness to their website or business.