Tammi Brown of Wag Wagon Pet Services offers Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services in Kittery, Kittery Point, and York Maine as well as Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

If your dog or cats are home alone all day while you are at work, out of town, or on vacation Wag Wagon Pet Services is here to help! Flexibility is key to Wag Wagon's success.... running late, hung up in a meeting, planes grounded? No problem. Wag Wagon will be there until you can be.

Dog Walking
Exercise is crucial to the physical and mental well being of your dog, however many dogs just lie around all day waiting while their parents are out earning money to buy their crunchies and chew toys.  

If you are a busy  pet parent who wants to make sure their dog is happy and healthy, you could use a dog walker. I will help you keep your dog physically fit, happy and tired out when you get home from your busy day...everyone knows a tired dog is a happy dog!

Pet Sitting
Going on vacation or away for a weekend?

Let Wag Wagon Pet Services  plan a vacation package tailored to meet the needs of your family!  In your home or mine your pets will enjoy their time spent with me.

Wag Wagon Pet Services is proud to offer:

Daily Neighborhood Walks (on-leash) - 30 minutes.
Daily Adventure Walks (off-leash at local beach or hiking trails) 1 - 1.5 hours.
New puppy care.
Overnight pet sitting in your home or mine.
Help with adherence to basic leash and obedience commands.
Wag Wagon Transportation Services to veterinarian or groomer.
Medication administration if required (never an additional charge).
The Daily Wag Report - lets Mom and Dad know what we did today.
And did I mention...lots of TLC!

Wag Wagon Pet Services is insured and bonded by the Insurance Company of the Carolinas through Pet Sitters International (PSI).

Wag Wagon has excellent client reference;, is veterinarian recommended and a registered business in the Town of Kittery, Maine.

Red Cross CPR and First Aid Certified.