The Waggle Foundation's mission is to eradicate the economic euthanasia of pets who might otherwise live out their natural lives, sharing cherished time with their beloved families. The Foundation works to grow a community of like-minded people and organizations devoted to this goal; helps nonprofits to participate in concert; provides direct financial support for veterinary care; and works to inspire and educate responsible pet parents to circumvent this tragic outcome.

The Foundation is focused on growing and promoting the best practices that will maximize the number of pets saved; increase not only the number of donations, but also the dollar amount of individual contributions; establish relationships with charitable organizations that can offer matching grants; eliminate fraud; and ultimately prevent future cases of economic euthanasia by creating a viable alternative for pet guardians in a "tough situation."

The Waggle Foundation accepts donations from individuals, companies, and other foundations dedicated to saving pets. The Foundation uses these funds for outreach and education, furthering its singular mission. All donations on the Waggle crowdfunding website earmarked for a specific pet are disbursed directly to the Veterinary Partner hospital performing the treatment, not to individual pet guardians; this assures transparency and trust.

The Foundation seek to:
- Build better awareness and generate greater impact through community- and sponsor-based educational programs.

- Maximize the number of pets saved by keeping them out of shelters and rescue organizations, in the first place, and by helping those organizations ease their financial burden when faced with overwhelming veterinary bills.
- Inspire responsible pet ownership to prevent economic euthanasia by encouraging the purchase of insurance and the creation of a "rainy day" fund.