He created the first foldable pocket glasses. The folding mechanism is such that a separate outer casing for preventing the glasses from scratches is not needed. Brand director Edwin Wagner managed to create an exceptional ‘unexpectably look and feel’ to this unique product. He added, the right vision, strategy and personality and so “maii” as an Amsterdam-based brand was born.

The idea of ‘maii’, or reversed I am.
Especially reading glasses are considered highly inconvenient by the majority of users. The average user has a minimum of three and even so, he often can't find them. They are also very fragile and for sale in an enormous variety of qualities.

They are usually not adjusted to the users’ eye-specifics. So in general reading glasses are considered a commodity, not distinctive, boring and a necessary nuisance. ‘maii’ has put an end to all this. Even if you don’t need them; you want them.

maii combines all functional necessities with design, fashion and image:

maii was developed in collaboration with renowned opticians.
maii is made of titanium, so virtually unbreakable.
maii protects its own glasses so scratches are virtually excluded.
maii is small, no bigger than a cigarette lighter, making it easy to carry with you.
maii can be worn as a necklace. In combination with the patented lock you can wear maii as an exclusive pendant.
maii are the glasses you definitely want to be seen with

maii is more than just a pair of spectacles. maii is unique, small, convenient, unbreakable, traceable, scratch free and a beauty to look at. maii can be personalized by choosing your own color, necklace or accessories.

maii was developed  from a user’s perspective. Besides the focus on it’s functional features, much efforts were put in fashion design, brand image and communication. All in which maii is unique and distinctive.

These are the ingredients to become a world brand.

For getting this unique piece of art ready for production and introduction we need to absorb substantial expenses. In order to be able to fund these we launched the maii project on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1473955105/maii-unexspectacles

Our press release tells you more about our plans and ideas. You can follow us through our website: www.maiispecs.com and  facebook: www.facebook.com/maii.