Wallet Circle’s unique technology combines a branded mobile loyalty card, an iBeacon to gather visitor data and an online dashboard. This dashboard provides actionable insight on customer’s visits including frequency and time. Offers and instant rewards can be set to run in quiet periods, reward regulars or to entice lapsed customers to return. Businesses can also reach out to customers in proximity to their store increasing footfall, expand their reach via 'tell a friend' campaigns and request feedback while customers are in-store.

Customers prefer Wallet Circle as they don’t need to carry lots of loyalty cards; they can instead store several on one app.  It’s easier to earn rewards on a loyalty card that can’t be forgotten. Customers can easily keep track of rewards earned and redeemed.
A single app also means end users don’t need to install individual apps for each brand, saving memory and battery life.

Businesses need to supply their logo, offer, address and preferred images and Wallet Circle will create a mobile loyalty card for them. Retailers need to simply unpack the beacon and keep it and the marketing materials by the till.  Once an end user downloads the Wallet Circle app, they see the appropriate loyalty card automatically in proximity to the retailers’ iBeacon.
The iBeacon acts like an old fashioned ink stamp, but without the mess and a lot quicker. Staff hold the iBeacon to the top of a customer’s mobile handset and a stamp appears instantly.