Tiger Knight was Greenlit on Steam in March 2014,and was released on Steam as free-to-play (and shortly early access) in October 2016. The game is being developed to be compatible with virtual reality (VR) platforms.

The game doesn't have the best optimization but it's far from the worst. The graphics are okay and the combat is pretty slow but it makes up for all of that with the 5v5 war mode. Regardless of the combat and graphics, commanding tons of soldier and running around different maps to spear down actual players and execute them is pretty fun. If you have friends to play with you'll love this game even more.

I don't think it compares with actual MMORPGs but it's definitely something I'd play again. I wouldn't put thousands of hours into it or no-life the game but I'll be playing it here and there and in between games/patches. Have you guys played Tiger Knight: Empire War?If not, do you plan on playing it? A lot of people say it reminds them of Mount & Blade.