Who We Are
Warrior Songs is a non-profit organization which seeks to help bring hope and healing to veterans through music. Through a variety of programs Warrior Songs uses music to assist veterans and civilians to more fully understand and integrate all aspects of the war experience. Our mission is to transform trauma and struggle associated with war into music which educates, inspires, motivates and entertains.

We believe that helping those who have experienced war find language to convey buried experiences and feelings will deepen one’s self-awareness and leads to a more purposeful existence. Processing chaos into stories and converting them to music fosters communication and helps bridge the gap that often exists between family members, civilians and veterans. War by nature is destructive and over time diminishes the natural human instinct to create. Veterans who are able to turn the destructive force of war into something meaningful and beautiful are able to reclaim hope and joy. The fact that music provides many therapeutic benefits is widely respected by therapists and physicians around the world. The United States Department of Veterans Affairs recognizes the progress and recovery made through the creative arts and hosts an annual National Veterans Creative Arts Festival to celebrate healing through art.

Our Mission Statement
Warrior Songs Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to facilitating healing through songwriting and music amongst United States Military personnel, veterans and those working with veterans. Established musicians work with veterans to develop their written works and then turn these pieces into a platform for self-expression and healing. Additionally, Warrior Songs Inc. seeks to educate the public and veterans communities about veteran’s issues (PTSD, MST, and other war traumas) Warrior Songs also brings music to veterans in various stages of recovery. Our team of veteran musicians/veteran friendly musicians provides entertainment that is designed to educate, inspire and motivate veterans.

What We Do
Programs – We can bring these programs to your home town.

Musical Education and Entertainment
Our team of veteran musicians/veteran friendly musicians provides entertainment designed to educate about veteran issues including Post traumatic Stress, Military Sexual Trauma, and various stages of combat recovery.

Story to Song
Our team is available to facilitate the collaboration of established musicians who work with veterans to develop their written works, turning them into a platform for self-expression and healing.  We release a themed compilation CD of these songs every other year.

Songwriting Workshops
Workshops are available to organizations assisting veterans, military personnel and their families who find themselves in the grip of PTSD. Participants learn to use songwriting to express difficult personal struggles. Creating music out of pain and struggle increases self-esteem and fosters the healing process.

Discounted CD's to veterans and veteran healers
Warrior Songs offers discounted CD's which have healing and beneficial to veterans, Veterans Administration Staff, DOD, and any private group or individual doing legitimate veteran healing work or advocacy.

Our Non-Profit Status
Warrior Songs Inc. was incorporated in the state of Wisconsin on December 29th, 2011. The board of directors was formed on March 1st 2012. The founding documents were approved on March 3rd 2012. The IRS 1023 Application for Recognition of Exemption under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code was filled on March 5th 2012.