WasteZero is one of America's leading environmental services and consulting firms, specializing in municipal waste reduction. For nearly 20 years, we've partnered with U.S. cities and towns of all sizes and characteristics to develop systems that reduce waste, increase recycling, and save money. In addition to dramatically reducing their solid waste tonnage and achieving some of the highest recycling rates in the nation, WasteZero partner communities have generated over $200 million in avoided disposal costs and fees.

WasteZero is also playing a leading role in the growth of Trash Metering in the United States. Today we manage Trash Metering systems for some three hundred US cities and towns, more than any other company in America. Our system is an advanced, turn-key form of pay-as-you-throw, designed with ease of implementation in mind that has communities achieving some of the highest recycling rates in the nation.

Because the WasteZero Trash Metering System is 100 percent turn-key, we're able to eliminate the barriers many communities find when attempting to implement and run a new Trash Metering program. From day one, we take the lead on everything – from public education and communication to billing and accounting. We even manufacture your town's Trash Metering bags in our U.S. factories, and then handle distributing them to retailers all over town.

Not all Trash Metering programs are alike, and the results differ dramatically. Most studies cited by the United States Environmental Protection Agency estimate that the average reduction in solid waste of all Trash Metering programs is in the 17% to 23% range. On the other hand, one month after implementing the WasteZero System, our municipal customers achieve an average reduction of 43%, reflecting 500 lbs. per capita. In its Spring 2009 PAYT Bulletin, the US EPA called WasteZero's results "staggering."

Over the years, we’ve listened to our customers – municipal office holders, public works officials, and ordinary citizens – and through steady innovation have developed a proven and practical model that has enabled our municipalities to meet even the most ambitious environmental and financial goals.

Here’s a recent sampling of what local and state officials have said about the WasteZero System:

An "overwhelming success."
  -Jim Bouley, Mayor, Concord, NH

"Trash disposal is down 49 percent on average and our recycling is up 69 percent"
  -Charles Toomajian, Deputy Mayor, Malden, MA

"Recycling rates went from dismal to the highest in the state."
  -Teresa Paiva Weed, Rhode Island Senate Majority Leader

"The streets are cleaner, people’s recycling is better."
  -Kathy Middleton, Recycling Coordinator, Gloucester, MA

"Recycling is off the charts"
  -Wayne Melville, Town Administrator, Manchester by-the-Sea, MA

"We have seen a 58% drop in tonnage."
  -Lee Leiner, P.E., Deputy Director of Public Works, City of Bath, Maine