WatchMe 911 is an iPhone app with three customizable alert modes, seven alarm sounds, a flashlight, continuous GPS tracking, and instant connection to emergency services and contacts by phone, text, email, Facebook and Twitter. It's the Swiss Army Knife of personal security apps.

WatchMe 911 is the brainchild of two women who don’t fit the Silicon Valley mold for technology executives. Alice Armitage and Jill Campbell didn’t get into the world of apps with backgrounds as software developers, venture capitalists or even website entrepreneurs. They didn’t create WatchMe 911 to promote an existing product or to take advantage of an emerging market. In fact, the idea for the iPhone app predated the iPhone. As businesspeople, as women, and as mothers, they saw the need for a multifunctional personal protection system. When the technology caught up with the need, WatchMe 911 was launched.