Watchva is a start-up company based in Dallas, TX in the social communications sector since 2015. This platform was made to solely provide Youtubers a better experience and connect with their viewers in a new and improved way. We aim to better the experience of broadcasting live events, shows, and other social interactions based on Youtubers wants and needs. Youtuber here aim to provide exclusive content not viewable anywhere else.  Viewers and supporters can now truly watch their favorite Youtubers and also discover others in related industries. Other then providing content, Youtubers can now showcase how things operate on the backend and show another side of them. This enhances viewers experience and allows them to get to know you better then ever.

We wanted to make this as interactive as possible. By providing a live chat system, viewers and Youtubers can now also chat live while broadcasting their event. We wanted to make this platform personal and enjoyable as possible. Tailoring to the wants and needs of our Youtubers and their viewers, this platform will steady be changing and improving to meet the needs of you and your experience.