Way2Franchise aims to be a premier portal for Franchising in India, We started Way2Franchise.com when we realised that there is no quality information available on franchising in India. There are several magazines and websites that are all about franchise opportunities. They provide a very commercial view of franchising.

Franchising in India is not regulated and hence there are plenty of not-so-profitable franchise brands, I would probably say most of them that are not ethical in their approach. Way2Franchise.com while providing quality information aims to solve this void. We have created several interactive groups for you on Facebook and LinkedIn to connect and network with experts not just in India or Asia, but globally.  

Way2Franchise.com was created to help the following:


Startup Franchisors: Startup franchisors are those whose entrepreneurs are exploring the franchise option, they may have upto 2 to 4 location. Excitement and anxiety, These contravening emotions are shared by virtually every franchisor considering or already determined to enter the franchise arena. Excitement at the prospect of tapping into the wealth generated by franchising.  And anxiety about not knowing how to successfully conceive and launch a franchise network. What resources will be necessary? How long will it take? What personnel will I need - - and where can I get them? What type of franchise structures should be utilized? And how swiftly should I grow my franchise network? the first issue addressed is not how to franchise. It is whether to franchise - - a subject too often overlooked by many business executives, attorneys and consultants. After all, franchising is only one of a myriad number of ways to distribute your company‚Äôs products or services to the public at large.

Emerging franchisors: Emerging franchisors are franchisors that have been building their system and have between 5 to 50 franchisees, they have experienced that franchising works for their line of business. As an Emerging Franchisor you face challenges with regards to identifying new franchise owners, discover strategies that work. There are several articles for emerging franchisors @ Way2Franchise.com , feel free to explore

Rapidly Growing Franchisors: With the foundation built and stabilized, rapid unit expansion is usually not far behind. Rapidly Growing Franchisors have between 51 to 300 franchisees. But how, where and how fast? How should the business model be adjusted based on early experience and the competitive characteristics of the next life cycle phase? Is the infrastructure ready? What mix of corporate units and franchise units are ideal? Should franchise growth come from new franchisees, experienced franchisees and/or your own multi-unit franchisees? Are area development or multi-unit agreements appropriate for you? Are you ready with the management skills, franchisee development capabilities, franchisee training, distribution and capital demands that rapid growth will require? Are existing franchisees ready for the changes that rapid growth will imply? Some of the answers to these questions lie @ Way2Franchise.com

Seasoned Franchisors: As a franchise system matures, the focus becomes more acutely focused on market share and operational costs. How a particular franchise system stacks up against the competition on operational and financial performance metrics helps management focus on specific issues. Understanding and measuring franchisor/franchisee relations provides another set of measurement tool. We @ Way2Franchise.com have interviews and articles of several multi-million and even billion dollar franchise brands.  


Potential Franchisees / Entrepreneurs: Potential Franchisees are often not able to take up a the RIGHT franchise for themselves, several potential franchisees do not spend enough time on researching a particular opportunity. Here @ Way2Franchise.com we have several forums for potential franchisees and franchisees to network, share, discuss and learn more about franchising.  

Franchisees: Existing franchisees are a mixed bunch of people, some are successful, some of them have just started and some of them  have been disasters, share your experience here.