Company Backgrounder


The Wayne Turner Group, based in Southfield, MI is a nationwide educational service for real estate investors and anyone looking for a way to improve his or her financial fitness.  

After fifteen years in the finance and real estate world, Wayne Turner officially founded The Wayne Turner Group in 2007.  The Group has provided practical, hands-on financial fitness educational outreach that shows people from all walks of life how to thrive in today’s economy.

The Wayne Turner Group is also recognized for its comprehensive real estate consulting and mentoring services for new and experienced investors.  The Group offers small business credit lines, residential and commercial mortgages and a variety of additional real estate services.


The Wayne Turner Group’s educational outreach offers audiences expert instruction on how to become financially fit.  The messages can be tailored to fit your company employee’s personal meetings. Presentations include:

•     General financial fitness
•     Starting a home-based business
•     Exploring and taking advantage of the Michigan market
•     Overcoming the challenges of today’s economy
•     Understanding how past failures can pave the way for future success
•     Developing the courage and skills necessary to take concrete, financially sound action

Personal finance education provides students with a great opportunity to take control of their financial lives.  The Wayne Turner Group addresses groups of all types and has found a particularly receptive audience for presentations in the workplace.  By improving workers’ financial outlook and skills, companies can foster improved employee loyalty, relieving concerns and tension among employees who are struggling to stay economically afloat and improving employee engagement and reducing theft.


Comprehensive real estate consulting services provide clients with the tools and knowledge they need to build a successful real estate business.  They Wayne Turner Group supplies essential instruction in all facets of real estate investing.  Clients receive expert instruction that includes:

•     Setting up a business to obtain the most favorable financing
•     Spotting the best deals in the marketplace
•     Maximizing the profit potential of real estate deals
•     Developing an investing attitude that leads to real action--and results

The Wayne Turner Group offers a true top-to-bottom education in the world of real estate investing.  The Group provides instruction in a friendly, pragmatic manner that demystifies the world of real estate, giving anyone the opportunity to excel.  

The Wayne Turner Group does things differently.  Other real estate mentors and instructors are happy to charge exorbitant fees to their clients, then releasing them into the marketplace, hoping for the best.  

The Wayne Turner Group, on the other hand, offers affordable training that allows clients to pay fees from the profits of the deals they make.  This personal stake in the success of clients shows the willingness of the Group to “put its money where its mouth is” and guarantees clients that they’ll receive carefully considered guidance as they build their businesses.  


Wayne Turner, a national speaker, educator, licensed loan officer, and licensed realtor, heads The Wayne Turner group.  His accessibility evidences his commitment to turning “Average Joes into Pros.”

You can reach Wayne via telephone at (248) 552-6606 or by email at wayneturner@thewayneturnergroup.com.  He regularly blogs at www.InvestorMortgagePro.com.  Wayne invites you to contact him with any needs or questions.  

The Wayne Turner Group’s offices are located at 28350 Southfield Road, Suite 1, Southfield, MI 48076.