Are you ready to take control of sharing your life online with your friends and family?

Social networks like Facebook and MySpace are great for connecting with long-lost friends and for making new friends. When it comes to sharing your life with close friends and family, social networking sites fall short. It's like watering flowers with a fire hose, too much pressure (exposure) and not enough control (privacy).

The solution is WeOurFamily: Designed to provide the control and privacy needed for real relationships. WeOurFamily provides the secure thoughtful foundation needed for comfortably sharing your real life with family and close friends.

How does WeOurFamily work?

It's simple. You signup for an account and immediately you can start sharing content with anybody you choose to invite. All your content on WeOurFamily is securely encrypted and very private because you chose who gets access to any piece of content you add to your account.

Sharing content is easy.

You create your community by inviting the people you want to share content with.

You create content by adding pictures, files, documents or anything you want to share.

You share each piece of content with any member of you community that you choose.

If you want anything in your area to be completely private and personal, you simply don't share it. It will be there for you to access and nobody else.

At WeOurFamily all your communication with our server when you access your content is performed over SSL and is completely encrypted, to insure the most secure experience possible.

The people you send content to become free members and do not need to pay to have view it. Only content creators or editors need a subscription and every subscription allows for 3 editors.