When founder and creator, Harry Sangha, thought to himself, “Every time I wanted to record a video of an event or occurrence and share it with my friends and family, my phone would run out of space", he pondered if there was a better way out. This idea sparked the birth of WeVoo.com, an interactive mobile app that allows users to chat by sharing live-streamed videos with other users from their mobile contacts. Videos get saved on the cloud rather than your phone.

When apps like Whatsapp, SnapChat, and Periscope dominate the market, what makes WeVoo.com stand out from its competitors? For one, the app -- unlike other live streaming apps --  allows users to set the videos to private. This was an important element to add when Harry developed WeVoo. He asserts that similar to private chat messages, video chat messages should also be set to private so users have the option to exchange private streamed videos amongst themselves, instead of sharing them with your entire contact list. The app, however, does give one the option to broadcast public videos and record selfie videos as well.

Is the app user friendly and easy to download? The app can be downloaded from your IPhone and Android mobile devices. The sign-up process is streamlined: you simply download the app, register with a one time, two-step field submission, and SMS authentication. There is no user ID or password required once you’ve registered. Once registration is complete, the app automatically populates contacts from your mobile device so you can see which of your contacts are using WeVoo.com and you can follow contacts that most matter to you. There is no limit to the number of contacts you invite to watch your streamed videos.

Will text chatting become obsolete? Perhaps it’s too soon to tell if mobile users will completely eliminate the text, but we do know that apps like WeVoo.com are revolutionizing the way we communicate in our mobile devices. With WeVoo.com-- it’s more of a hybrid experience (think What’sApp with live video messages). You can still text, like, and share your location with friends and family, but your text is now accompanied by a live video.

Harry concedes that the app will bring friends and family closer together: “Our families are spread all across the globe, and everybody seems to keep missing each other's special moments … WeVoo.com allows everyone to share live streams with family. It’s live -- instant gratification!”

About the Team:

Harry Sangha is an electronics and telecommunication engineer professional. He is a serial entrepreneur by practice and a technology evangelist at heart. He has worked for large pharmaceutical, e-commerce, telecommunication, consumer behavior prediction, and cloud computing companies for over 20 years.  

Deepak Khanduri – An architect by profession he has more than 15 years of Enterprise Sales and Marketing experience

Krishna Kumar – A seasoned International Business Management professional with penchant for market development. Kumar is an ex-Indian Railways / IRCTC alumni with 15 years of management experience.

For Company Information or Business Opportunities: kumar@wevoo.com

Contact Name – Krishna Kumar
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Website - http://www.wevoo.com/
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