A Personal Investment Philosophy is essential for financial Peace of Mind and for achieving consistent market returns.  A free market is the best investing environment, and the key to a successful portfolio is based on allocating assets into various asset categories and remaining disciplined over a period of time.  

This philosophy – or strategy – eliminates the need for stock picking or depending on the expertise of a funds manager to predict the future.  Active management relies on past performance and is vulnerable to future events that may affect the market. Asset class investing is supported by the results of many empirical studies of fifty years of professionally managed portfolios. Studies show that 91.5% of a portfolio’s performance is determined by its allocation policy.  Therefore, our strategy is to provide broadly diversified portfolios that deliver market returns with minimal risk.  

We provide our clients with a Free Market Investment Analysis, which is a diagnostic measure of their present portfolio.  The purpose of the analysis is to show how various mixes or styles of investments may have performed in the past.  

We believe that each investor is unique and needs an account designed to accommodate his or her needs.  A financial coach, rather than a financial planner, can help the investor make the prudent decisions about how much volatility and risk to incorporate into a portfolio.  Our coaches also aid our clients in understanding and measuring risk according to what the client wants to do with his or her money in the future.