Wear & Hear is the brand name for a line of forward-looking wearable audio devices developed by Alango
Technologies, a leading supplier of voice and audio enhancement technologies for the communication
and entertainment markets. With over 50 million communication products using the Company’s
algorithms and software worldwide, Alango has accumulated almost two decades of practical experience
developing and licensing digital sound processing technologies working in noisy, reverberant and
otherwise unfriendly acoustic environments.
During this time the Company realized that people have individual hearing preferences, find themselves
in various types of sound environments, and use a wide variety of audio devices. How is it possible for
everyone to hear the same sound? It also became apparent that many hearing-impaired people who could
benefit from Alango Technologies’ expertise were not targeted by traditional consumer electronic
channels. As a result, Alango created a new type of device that would fill the gap. It would answer the
requirements of a modern hearing-impaired consumer who is well acquainted with mobile phones and
Bluetooth headsets, but, for whatever reason, does not want to wear hearing aids. The result is BeHear®.
BeHear is a convenient, affordable, fashionable, and multi-functional assistive hearing solution. It looks
just like a regular Bluetooth headset but can function as a truly personal all-around hearing amplification
device that can be customized using a dedicated app. BeHear disrupts the traditional “hearing aid” model,
and helps establish a new product category as a hearing enhancement device, leading new technological
efforts to enrich how people hear for the modern age.
Dr. Alexander Goldin, founder and CEO of Alango Technologies and the Wear & Hear line of assistive
hearing products, has spent the past 25 years developing digital sound enhancement technologies for
voice communication and consumer electronics. According to data from the World Health Organization,
hearing aids are desperately needed by more than 400 million people worldwide with disabling hearing
loss, and yet are used by only 3% of that population. Goldin’s solution has been to disrupt the traditional
model of how hearing aids are produced and distributed, by creating “hearing gain” devices within the
consumer tech industry that are simpler to use, easy to self-tune, stylish, affordable, always-on, and
Dr. Goldin has been intrigued with hearing devices since 1998. At that time, he did a deep dive into the
industry and discovered why it was such an unattractive market from an investment standpoint. Even in
developed countries, only 20% - 30% of eligible consumers were choosing to use hearing devices. Dr.
Goldin realized there were multiple issues with the industry. The products did not always meet consumer
expectations, they were extremely expensive and there was a negative social stigma attached to using
them. With that in mind, Dr. Goldin set about to develop stylish, multi-functional, affordable hearing
products that take on the established medical industry, which had been providing consumers with highlypriced,
difficult to obtain, and frequently disappointing products.
Part of developing consumer electronic hearing devices includes a groundbreaking Wear & Hear app for
iOS and Android that allow users to customize their device, rather than being limited to professional customization. The requirement to get assistance from a hearing professional is one of major limitations
of hearing aid distribution in remote locations and developing countries. Wear & Hear makes sure the
individual’s personal hearing needs are addressed and the device is best adapted to their hearing
Alango’s mission with the Wear & Hear line is to build space within the consumer electronics industry to
develop affordable, reliable, multi-functional devices that can help hearing-impaired people enhance their
hearing, relieve tinnitus, correct speech disorders such as slow speech or stuttering, help deaf people to
“feel” sound, and to help blind people navigate using tactile and audio information.
Wear & Hear’s focus is to raise public awareness about their alternative solution to hearing enhancement,
the solution that has the potential to improve the quality of life of hearing-impaired people worldwide.