Web Movement, LLC is an interactive agency with offices in Central Wisconsin and Minneapolis, MN.  We offer a comprehensive range of services to create focused media and interactive experiences. Founded in May 2008, Web Movement, LLC has grown organically through a commitment to creating excellent and innovative work, regardless of medium.

We are equally versed in creating major campaigns and online promotions for established brands, partnering with other agencies to concept and develop innovative technology projects, designing intuitive user interfaces for next generation media and mobile devices, and enabling startups to define and achieve their business goals.

As an independent company, we value building long-term client relationships.  Web Movement, LLC has worked with a wide range of clients in the media, entertainment, consumer products, technology and fashion industries to realize both small and large-scale projects across multiple platforms. We have closely collaborated with a diverse range of clients and worked with ad agencies to extend campaigns to the interactive space.

Our most important goal, aside from providing an aesthetically pleasing and reliable product, is providing you with superior customer service.  We have grown exponentially over the past year through referrals and we believe it is because of the great experience clients received from WebMovement, LLC.  Let us serve you and give you the superior product that you are looking for to expand your web presence.