For more than 5 years we give professional educational courses on online marketing delivered by our experts with latest theoretical knowledge and technical expertise. We aim to help businesses advance their marketing awareness through implementation of the most effective strategies of online marketing.
More than 2 thousand students have successfully completed our courses; 2000 students participated in our free online conferences and webinars.
We are proudly presenting:
* Industry expert lecturers. The unique content we provide is developed by working digital professionals which ensures you get only latest industry knowledge.
* Practical approach. Every participant works on their online project. Particular attention is paid to practical advice relevant to the participant’s business and specifics of their market.
* Dynamic online learning. Real time webinars we deliver are very comfortable in terms of time, location and direct communication with the instructor to ensure all participant’s concerns are duly addressed.
* Additional resources.  Free webinars, regularly updated blog entries, and online conferences present relevant materials covering latest trends in Internet marketing.