About WebReserv.eu
"There's no need to install business software anymore."
WebReserv was founded in the USA in 2004 to innovate a better and more flexible online booking system. In 2007, we opened WebReserv.eu to handle the European community.
Our vision is simple: There is no need to install and manage complex software applications when you can get better functionality delivered cheaper and faster over the Internet. And that is exactly why we created WebReserv.eu, to be the best all-in-one Internet booking system.
With WebReserv.eu, there's no need to install and manage software applications. No more pesky updates. It's no longer the end of the world if a power surge, water damage or fire sends your office computers off to an early retirement. Any computer with an Internet browser will get you working again. Prefer Mac instead of Windows? It works too.
It doesn't matter if your business rents out vacation rentals, boats, rv´s, airplanes, bouncy party balloons, or whether you require booking software for scuba courses, horse riding, spa treatments or all your offerings in your health studio, or whether you are running one business location or one hundred business locations; WebReserv.eu has all the features you need to manage the reservation process. It's easy to set up so you get online in record time.
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In addition to a complete online booking system, WebReserv.eu provides:
Business listings
Listing on WebReserv.eu is perfect for all small- and medium sized businesses. The online listing promotes your business and products and helps you get more online reservations.
You even get your own web address – e.g. www.webreserv.eu/YourCompanyName
Bookings through WebReserv.eu
Once you have the WebReserv.eu system, you can receive bookings directly through our website. We take no commission on any transactions.
Reservation widget/Availability calendar
Add calendar and reservation capability to your existing website in just a few minutes. The widget/calendar can easily be customized to use your color scheme and it can be used on multiple sites at the same time, even MySpace and Facebook pages.
Branded Websites
Let us manage your association or trade group website using our state-of-the-art booking platform. Businesses can be listed on multiple branded websites simultaneously and can also utilize the WebReserv.eu business listing and reservation widget.
Custom Development
Please contact us for specific development needs or features not listed on this website.
For more information please call us at +34 675 587 052 or send us a request using our contact form.
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